Karatbars Webinar Building For Success

Karatbars Webinars are an excellent support system for your business to allow those who have attended a live event to allow their spouse or partners to have a look at the presentation rather than you trying to explain the meeting you attended. Let them see it the way you saw it and explain nothing. It is also good as a review and second look at the opportunity because sometimes the penny drops on the second or third look.

Whats is Money? This Karatbars Overview says Gold in Money and explains why everyone needs to save pure gold to ensure future wealth.

Training on introducing Karatbars and building a team

On 16 September 2017 Hugh-Paul held a well attended Karatbars Webinar when he gave a Karatbars overview as to why everyone should follow the tracks of many wealthy individuals and indeed Countries to save Pure Gold. After giving us a full Karatbars explained in detail Hugh-Paul went on to show how to make money with Karatbars business opportunity. This is an ideal low cost business for anyone in any Country who knows the benefits of saving pure gold with Karatbars.



Karatbars Webinar 21 August 2016

Karatbars Affiliate Webinar with Hugh-Paul Ward 3 April 2016 Karatbars Affiliate Webinar with Hugh-Paul Ward 27 March 2016  Karatbars Affiliate Webinar with Hugh-Paul Ward 6 March 2016  Karatbars Affiliate Training with Hugh-Paul Ward 1 November 2015 Replay of Karatbars Training Webinar with Hugh-Paul Ward 28 October 2015 We had a super training day in Canal Court Hotel in Newry on Saturday 27 June. As per usual there was a wealth of information and motivation from Hugh-Paul Ward and Hugh McAlinden. Very few realise the amount of work and time that goes on behind the scenes getting this material gathered up and then created onto powerpoint slides, and then collated into order for a presentation. As Karatbars affiliates we all owe these two guys a ton of gratitude!


Karatbars Explained - An in-depth overview of the ways to earn both currency and gold in Karatbars by Hugh-Paul Ward on 2 March 2015
If you are serious about building a successful KaratBars business then please make a special effort to attend these sessions. The information which Hugh Paul and Hugh deliver is invaluable if you want to learn how to make goals for your business and achieve them.

With both these men having built huge teams in other businesses they know what they are talking about and give their time to help the affiliates from all over Ireland and indeed further afield build a successful KaratBars business so take advantage of these events!

Earning Potential As A Silver Affiliate

Momentun and Velocity - Building A Team Structure

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