The Coming Financial Collapse Of the UK

Like so many Countries around the world the UK is printing money like there is no tomorrow. But the harsh reality is that with the financial crisis in the UK there really could be no tomorrow for many people.
With the gross debt of the UK at 900% of its worth and more being borrower month after month it will only take a small rise in interest rates to push the UK into bankruptcy in a much greater scale than even Greece. Private pensions, bank deposits etc could be raided by the Government, stocks and shares will plummet downward and we could see mass unemployment like never before.

So what steps could you take to have some protection from this pending disaster?

By saving pure gold you will have some protection, however it depends on the type of gold you buy and if you actually have it in your possession or merely a certificate to say you own it. The majority of gold dealers sell a one kilo bar of pure gold which costs something like £35,000 but the frightening fact is that there could be others also holding a certificate for the same gold bar.
But now thanks to Karatbars we can buy pure gold in small units like 1 gram, 2.5 gram and 5 gram and these all all heat sealed into a plastic card (size of a debit/credit card) and the pure gold is delivered to your home address by Fedex.
With these small units of pure gold in a time of crisis it will be easy to exchange for currency or buy products from a shop.
Please watch the video below and lets us know what you think.

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