Karatbars Scam ?

Karatbars Scam?

In 2011, Harald Seiz founded Karatbars International and its Headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany. Harald made a name for himself in the financial services, insurance and real estate business in the 80’s and 90’s. He was number one in the company he joined in 2008 in the precious metals industry which was only active in Germany but Harald wanted to make gold available in small units worldwide as he had a vision that was bigger than the company he was with.

Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung or is also known as GmbH is a limited company or a company with limited liability. The Federal law governed in Germany considers this as a legal entity. LLC in the United States is basically its counterpart which makes them the same type of entity. How is this related to Karatbars scam or Karatbars international scam?

Karatbars International, what is it exactly? You will get one of several different answers depending upon who you ask. At first glance, some unscrupulous marketers publish untrue articles stating Karatbars scam.  With that said, the difference between a legitimate business and a SCAM is something that those people are not familiar with. You get nothing in return with a SCAM as someone cons you out of your money. However, you get a product of value when you exchange your paper money for 24 karat pure gold with Karatbars International. Any of the K-Exchange Centers in your area allows you to sell back Karatbars or exchange it for paper money. This means a  Karatbars SCAM cannot be true.  A Pyramid Scheme or Karatbars scam is what Karatbars International may be construed by some because the organization that most entrepreneurs draw to depict the type of organization you can build resembles a pyramid. They may initially name it Karatbars scam in order to divert people to other opportunities. The reason behind this is that they aren’t fully aware what a Pyramid Scheme is in general and they define karatbars  scam in an instant. In Pyramid schemes, you pay money to the person that recruits you to join, and in turn you will be paid by the people that you recruit to join which is why they are illegal and are fraudulent schemes. Unfortunately, some people are quick to judge mentioning Karatbars scam or Karatbars international scam. Ponzi is another name for a Pyramid Scheme. One of the biggest Ponzi Schemes was done by Bernie Madoff where he went to jail as he took billions of dollars from people. In contrast, Karatbars International does not require you to pay the person that refers you as you can set up a free account where you can exchange your paper money for gold making Karatbars international scam or Karatbars scam a false accusation. Karatbars scam as well as Karatbars international scam is definitely not true to its description and is a misconception to some and is a company you should join, save gold and then promote to others.

Just like Amazon, Amway, and the many other legitimate businesses with an Affiliate Program, Karatbars International is an e-commerce business with an Affiliate Program.

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