Karatbars Customer

With many World currencies in crisis many leading economists are advising clients to buy Pure gold. There are various ways of buying pure gold however the average person finds it difficult to afford pure gold as most dealers only are interested in selling bars of 1 kilo which would cost close to €32,000. Therefore not many in every day life have the opportunity to secure their financial future by buying pure gold.

However in 2009 a leading German businessman named Harald Seiz realised the problems for the average person to buy pure gold and thought if he could produce smaller units that anyone could start to save on a regular basis. His company Karatbars then started to produce plastic cards the size of a credit card but with a gram of pure gold, certified by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) heat sealed into the card. These were then made available for the Karatbars Customer to exchange their currency into pure gold on a regular basis. Cards with 2.5 gm and 5 gm were also created for Karatbars customers and many started to buy on a weekly basis.

Since then Karatbars customers can exchange currency for cash gold notes containing 0.1, 0.2 and 0.4 gm of pure gold. These like the cards can be used in stores which display the Karatbars Exchange logo so in effect this is a new style of debit card payment system which any Karatbars customer can belong to and indeed tell others so they too can secure future wealth.