Karatbars Gold is much better value than other Pure Gold that is currently being offered on the internet. The fact that Karatbars Gold is the largest supplier of one gram bars in the World surely proves that Karatbars are the leaders and best value.

We are often told by people they can buy pure gold for less than the price charged by Karatbars so I put you to the challenge of telling me where you can buy one gram pure 99.99% 24 carat gold for less then add the shipping or storage and tell me who is best value.

There is a huge difference in the price of physical pure gold and the spot price of pure gold. The ‘spot’ price of gold is a theoretical price upon which all gold business is based. It is a base price, before any commissions or fees, and does not include costs such as minting, insuring, shipping, and so forth. So when researching gold prices you can never use the spot price as a true indicator of pure gold prices.

Everyday, gold trades in dozens of markets around the world- New York, Chicago, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Calcutta, Turkey, France, and so forth. Each market reacts to news as it  happens, and gold is always trading, wherever the sun shines as the earth turns. The prices are ‘set,’ and constantly ‘re-set,’ by the ever-changing supply and demand factors, input by thousands of investors, central banks, governments, miners, jewelers, dealers, and others who trade in gold almost daily. The gold market amounts to billions of dollars every day, and no one can ‘set’ the price. It changes constantly, due to hundreds of factors, ranging from the opening of a new gold mine, to the changes in interest rates of one currency or another. Of all the commodity markets, the gold market is probably the largest and most free market in the world.

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