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If you search Google for Karatbars you will most probably come upon a website hosted by Ethan Vanderbuilt in which he claims “in his opinion Karatbars is a scam”. Mr Vanderbuilt has never been a Karatbars affiliate and by denouncing opportunities he does not promote he endeavours to drive people to opportunities he personally gets paid to recommend and promote.
In fact Karatbars has been investigated by Mr Jack Baugher a Leading Fraud / Scam Investigator and victim’s advocate. Jack Baugher CONFIRMS Karatbars is Not a Scam OR a Ponzi scheme.
Additionally a World renowned Financial Advisor, best selling author and TV Presenter had his compliance team investigate Karatbars and they found it to be highly legal and genuine.

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We are reporting that a number of agents and investigators have been reviewing the company that promotes an opportunity called Karatbars.
While this is an ongoing investigation, our findings thus far shows the following:

A) The Gold content, by total random pick of a KaratBar unit, was registered at 100% pure. This was done by the digital read out that was personally reviewed. The content appeared to be void of any impurities. The man from the refinery used, said it was the purest Gold he had reviewed to date.

B) People have reported receiving what they ordered and getting it in a timely manner.

C) Those involved in the project and program report they are getting paid on time and what was promised.

This story in its full form will be posted for readers soon. We are pleased with our findings thus far. As our readers know, we do not make endorsements. We have thus far only reported stories on scam artist. This will be the first time we have written a positive report on a company, that we feel, says they will do what they say. The words from those investigating the Karatbars Opportunity stated they were impressed. That is the findings we are able to report as of today
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*Further investigative follow up on Karatbars International from our last small post about KaratBars International.

Markus Ch. Nöring

Rechtsanwalt / Lawyer

Schwabstrasse 22

70197 Stuttgart

Tel.: 0711 / 24867700

Fax: 0711 / 248610

Stuttgart, den 14.04.2014

39/14 MNO1 N

Karatbars International GmbH

Königstrasse 52

70173 Stuttgart

Dear Mr. Seiz,

In response to your request to confirm accuracy and legal compliance within your company:

At your request, I agreed to a conference with Mr. Fazio on Friday 11th April 2014 where he requested a review of the business model assessment of Karatbars International GmbH.

After the conference I viewed the office premises at Königstrasse 52, Stuttgart, Germany as well as Delivery Logistics Center located Friedrichstrasse 23b. I had random and unlimited insight into the business documents and especially into banking documents, order- and delivery documents. During my visit of the individual departments, the employees were introduced to me. The personnel answered frankly to all my questions.

At the location Delivery Logistics Center at Friedrichstrasse, I could see how the orders are processed. The completion of the products and distribution are taken care of at a separate logistics center. I also could view their gold storage vault.

I could see in detail how the deliveries of gold orders were packed and prepared for the distribution with FedEx. I also had random insight of documents as the marketing plan, contracts with payment companies, FedEx invoices, delivery documents and customs charges.

After completion of the insightful tour, I elaborately verified the documents in my chancellery. In addition I made an intensive internet-investigation, using different search machines, on Karatbars International GmbH and the trading persons. I also tested their internet presence and tested diverse transactions after login.

At the summary of achievements I was orientated by the announcement of our Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the region of Stuttgart, concerning the reliability from layperson advertisement and familiar marketing concept.

Karatbars International GmbH offers 999.9 physical gold bullion in small units to customers.

New customers either find them via internet or they are referred by affiliate marketing

The order transaction takes place over their homepage and is easily traceable. The particular purchase of the customer is transparent and is transacted with various payment modalities.

The orders are taken care of rapidly and the insured shipment of the gold predominately is handled by FedEx directly to the customer. For customers in foreign countries FedEx also takes care of customs clearance.

With their marketing plan Karatbars offers its affiliates the possibility of an attractive income.

Legally viewed the marketing is a kind of layman advertising. This kind of direct distribution is generally and legally permitted. Nevertheless every individual case needs to be viewed in an overview to declare if there is any evidence of dishonesty.

Summarized it is to say, that layman advertising is illegal when they defer from fair trade law as set forth by the World Trade Organization and local laws.

During the legal examination of your marketing plan there was not any evidence of dishonesty to determine.

Therefore the overview results in that you conduct a permissibly layman distribution respectively E Commerce Marketing.

At the internet-investigation I found some comments in the internet blog (Cafe4eck) in which was reported over Herr Seiz. There it is written about a supposed alliance to a company from Herrn Koschine. The statement about Karatbars International GmbH as being the “Rip-off-Imperium”and belonging to Mike Koschine is unsubstantiated and unfounded.

In this case it is noteworthy that there are no other negative comments concerning Karatbars International GmbH to be found. Here you can be sure that dissatisfied customers would have announced in the meantime.

The announcement of AMF Quebec is up to my opinion a common warning according to be careful making business with foreign Investment companies. The Warning from 20th March 2014 can be found on the AMF homepage. Further warnings have not been published to this date.

As a result I come to the conclusion that with Karatbars International GmbH there are no basis information provided or evidence of dishonesty that illegal or unfair business trade.

The marketing system complies with legal requirements and all business transactions are transparent and traceable.

Of course I will be available for further inquiry.

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