European Central Bank Secretly Buying Gold with Euros it Prints


european bank buying gold

ECB Secretly Buying Gold with Euros it Prints

The European Central Bank (ECB) is secretly buying gold with the Euros it prints. It is quite simply the only possible explanation for the shockingly strong 17 1/2 year correlation between the ECB’s total balance sheet assets and theprice of gold in Euros, which has now reached 96.6%. The mainstream media has totally ignored this topic and you will not see it discussed anywhere else but on NIA.

With the ECB recently deciding to increase its monthly asset purchases to €80 billion, the ECB’s balance sheet willincrease by an additional 23.2% over the next 9 months from its current record high of €3.11 trillion. This means gold is likely to rise to 23.5% above its previous record high priced in Euros of €1,385 and reach €1,710, which would equal anew record high in U.S. Dollars of $1,900 by March 2017.

European bank buying gold

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