Cash or Gold

Cash or Gold

I have no doubt you always considered the notes and coins in your pocket or purse as being money. Well the true reality is since 1971 money as we knew it became extinct and the notes and coins we have are now currency.

Until now only the wealthy folk might have asked their accountant  cash or gold as a way to protect their wealth.  But for the average person in the street if I was to offer a €50 note or a gram of pure gold how many would take the pure gold? Most would be thinking what they could buy with the €50 rather than thinking what the pure gold might buy in a few years time. You can guarantee if the person who took the €50 decided not to spend it but instead put it in a drawer in 5 years time it might only buy €40 worth of products, whereas the gold would still, if exchanged to currency, buy €50 or probably more of products.

I’m sure you have heard of Robert Kiyosaki and indeed may have read his Rich Dad Poor Dad book.  In the video below Robert shows the difference in cash or gold.


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