British Pound Since Brexit

When we look at the real state of the British Pound since Brexit as a citizen of the UK, I cannot help but be very worried about the future of the Country and its currency.

British Pound Since BrexitThis chart by renowned and respected economist, Mike Maloney, shows that               £ Sterling has lost buying power since Brexit.

The chart also shows how Gold has increased in value since Brexit so I ask did you have any pure gold saved?

Not doubt the answer will be “No I didn’t have any pure gold saved” or “Yes I have some pure gold saved but not enough”.

This 4 minute video by Mike Maloney will reveal what has happened to the British Pound Since BrexitNow having seen what has happened the British Pound Since Brexit  I’m sure you realise the importance of buying pure gold. Indeed regardless of whatever Country you live it is important to have some pure gold in your portfolio. Many economists including Mike Maloney have predicted the same will happen with the € Euro, $ US Dollar and other currencies in coming months.

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You really need to exchange some of your currency right now before it’s too late.

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This video is credited to Mike Maloney



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