Karatbars Autoship program enables the customer to accumulate pure gold on a regular basis with unique plan where the Karatbars customer decides how much currency to exchange on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. In most Network Marketing companies the affiliate must enter an autoship program where the product is shipped every month. This very often results in a product which may go out of date being stored in a stock pile in the garage. However with the Karatbars Autoship program it is not compulsory to have an autoship agreement however it makes economic sense to create one and then exchange currency to pure gold which will accumulate in value for an expense in the future or perhaps retirement.We encourage you to create a Karatbars Autoship plan today with even a small amount and start building a stock pile of pure gold which will always have value.

Would you prefer a garage full of an autoship product you haven’t used or sold and which will have a use by date?

Karatbars Autoship
 Karatbars currency or gold

Or would you prefer to just save your cash and let it stockpile and have the buying power eroded as inflation eats into it?

Or will you create a Karatbars Autoship plan so you save gold on a regular basis and can build a secure future for your family?

 garage full of gold

The CHOICE is yours – please contact the person who told you about Karatbars Autoship and asked you to visit this page or if you were not referred please contact us to learn how to Join Karatbars.